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Yahoo & News Corp.

30, December 2007 08:30 PM | by Joe Diggan
image1 There is information that mediagigant News Corp. intend to begin cooperation with Yahoo. For the latter, as many consider this step - an alternative to takeovers by Microsoft.

Despite the fact that none of the companies has not yet been given official confirmations of negotiations, some publications are already doing their predictions. For example, The Wall Street Journal believes that News Corp. wants to buy 20% stake in Yahoo, as well as integrate the service with Yahoo MySpace social network.

For News Corp transaction. will join forces with one of the private investment funds.

AMD waiting on changes in outsourcing

01, March 2005 06:53 PM | by Joe Diggan
image2After accessed internet from my best laptop, I found some interesting news. According to AMD, it is time for developers to adjust the existing model of software to pave the way to building the future of multicore processors, which will have a heterogeneous nucleus. It is a hybrid processors, which will be merged into the kernel of general-purpose and specialized accelerators.

As you know, starting in 2009, the market is expected emergence of a heterogeneous microprocessors Fusion, in which x86-compatible kernel will coexist with kernels that are optimized for processing graphics. AMD expects in the next few months the industry to formulate its proposals, and to initiate the formation of a consortium, which seeks to coordinate development will be tailored especially heterogeneous multicore processors.

The company stresses the openness created by the system. In AMD sure that the approaches to software should be redefined in the light of openness, about the way the stack Open Systems Interconnection pereopredelil network software in the late seventies of the last century. Complementing stack (hierarchy) new levels of abstraction, the industry can provide developers to write programs designed for parallel execution without the need to examine the details of each multi-processor. To this end, be included in the new expanded set of stack-time execution environments located on the operating system, which could detect, plan, synchronize and distribute resources to the processor level.

According to reports, AMD has been holding talks on this issue with our partners, including Microsoft. Recall, in its time it is co-operation with Microsoft helped move the 64 - bit AMD technology.

InterTrust & IBM

14, December 2007 06:50 PM | by Joe Diggan
image313 December, 2007 at the annual conference partner IBM Corporation recognized the company "InterTrust" one of the 100 best business partners of the world to include in its "Top 100 Business Partners 2007".

In addition, InterTrust was awarded the prize "For the contribution to the promotion of solutions based on IBM software in Russia in 2007", reflecting the high dynamics of the company, its professionalism specialists in the development and implementation of software solutions based on IBM products.

Thus, in 2007 the company "InterTrust" were implemented more than 100 successful projects automation and documentation of business processes and organizations and enterprises of different scale and scope of activities that allow them the opportunity to improve business efficiency through the use of advanced information technology.

Recall that InterTrust is an IBM Premier Business Partner software since 1996. Status business partner first-level guarantees customers the company supplied them with the reliability of software, quality, timeliness and efficiency of services provided.

CEO "InterTrust" Andrei A. Linev said: "The partnership with IBM Corporation allows us to use the recognized, winning the confidence and proved to be effective information technology in the construction of high-quality information systems. A high assessment of our successes and achievements once again confirms the growing popularity of electronic document systems".